#60 – Confused Rides Again

30:00 – Mature words for mature minds.

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This Week’s Show
00:52 Something a little gross.
03:13 Hef’s gaze.
06:07 An old friend returns. Side By Side.
11:29 “Confused” rides again.
16:00 The bomb drops.
21:28 Probably not the answer you were expecting.
27:43 Every Ship Must Sail Away – Blue Merle

Blue Merle - Burning In the Sun - Every Ship Must Sail Away
This Week’s Cultural Picks

One thought on “#60 – Confused Rides Again”

  1. Wow, it was well worth the wait.

    Every now and then I was wondering about “confused”. Weird to find out a year later what had happened, sad story, I wish it only was a story… poor kid he put in the world. I think the advice that you did give him and double us was more than adequate. Fascinating.

    Cheers, Hans

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