#40 Adventures in Milwaukeeland

30:00 – Mature words for mature minds.

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This Week’s Show
00:35 Getting there is half the fun.
03:49 American Fattie.
04:28 Night 1. Thanks to the internet.
05:08 Night 2. Best Friend.
06:37 MKE image problem? Say it ain’t so.
08:05 Neighborhood #3 – The Arcade Fire.
08:07 Three fifteens and their dreams.
11:11 Cal-i-forn-ia.
13:56 A two hour tour.
16:46 Back together again.
24:52 What was I thinking?
26:37 School’s Out – Alice Cooper.
This week’s cultural picks.

2 thoughts on “#40 Adventures in Milwaukeeland”

  1. Shhh!
    Don’t tell anyone about how cheap it is here, and that there are hot girls!
    We try and perpetuate the image problem to keep the people from Illinois from coming!
    Back to milking cows…

    P.S. good show…

  2. Well I really have no idea on what is going on here. But Alice Cooper’s School’s Out rocks! It’s on the 7th spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 pop singles! Sweet! Haven’t heard of Arcade Fire’s songs but I’ll check it out on Vevo.

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