#36 – How To Handle Hot Chicks, Pt. 2

30:00 – Mature words for mature minds.

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  More Exxon B.S.
  UNDONE – Owsley
  My week. Only in Hollywood.
  How to handle hot chicks, pt. 2
  I MADE A MISTAKE – Short Stuff

7 thoughts on “#36 – How To Handle Hot Chicks, Pt. 2”

  1. Hey Cush, thanks for so generously sharing this precious experience. This episode is very inspiring. though from the hot chicks’ point of view, the moral of the story should be “Avoid the guy wearing purple shoes”, isn’t it?

    anyway, just want to say well done and keep it up and btw, wondering whether I’m the only Chinese listener to ur show…

    now i’m off to kill…rich guys 😀

  2. Cush –

    Logged in today to see what the songs were from Show#36. Know you are in a time crunch, but when you get the chance are you going to go back and add these links? Loved the music from this show (especially the closing song) and wanted to pick some of the tracks up from i-tunes. (Incidentally I love almost all of your picks!)

    Thanks and good luck this week!


    By the way, I forwarded the same Exxon e-mail and was suddenly flooded with replys from my smart ass friends telling me how much smarter than I am they are and explaining why this wouldn’t work. You are right, it’s all about awareness.

  3. Oh my god, I got a good laugh at the countrified version of “Sorry I ruined Your life”. Is that what you submitted as the I-just-knocked-off-a-country-song-in-an-afternoon? It would be horrible though if it actually got picked up and used in a flick!

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