#35 – How to Handle Hot Chicks – Pt 1

30:00 – Mature words for mature minds.

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This Week’s Show
00:33 Memory Lane – Elliot Smith – Also at iTunes
03:00 What are your thoughts worth?
07:55 Can we make the world a better place?
10:21 Gas wars.
13:30 Sorry I Ruined Your Life – Peal
16:38 How To Handle Hot Chicks, Pt. 1
22:30 My crisis.
27:01 L.A. Girl – The Distillers – Also at iTunes.

This week’s music picks.

7 thoughts on “#35 – How to Handle Hot Chicks – Pt 1”

  1. pt 1-well said brother! if we only change one life it’s worth it, right?
    pt2- It helps that for the most part we men think we look younger and better than we really do, and women are the opposite!

  2. About the gas boycott chain letter…do you really believe everything you read? Surely not! Why punish the “big three”, why not the Quick Trip’s, Marathon’s, and the like?

  3. Do I believe everything? Nope. I’m not sure what it is that one is supposed to “believe” in this chain letter, but boycotting is a tried and true peaceful campaign – ask any company with a customer base in the bible belt. And as far as punishment is concerned, how about the punishment the oil industry has wrecked on the peoples of many, many lands (America, Iraq, the Congo come to mind) in its relentless pursuit of profits?

    Hopw about the retirrement package they just gave the head of Exxon? Every business is free to go after as huge a profit as they see fit and we’re free to bend over and take it in the ass. Or not. Riding a bicycle is a great alternative, unless of course you live in one of the communities such as Los Angeles that were laid out to specifically force its inhabitants into a car culture.

  4. Rick,
    PUNISH the big three? don’t think so. Get their attention, be a tick under their skin sucking their blood for a change, a pea in the sole of their Bruno Magli’s, am I irritating yet?
    It’s just a suggestion, and look, it got a reaction! Thanks Cush!

  5. WRT the chain letter… I got that same chain letter over a year ago. Email chain letters are just a worthless byte-sucking vortex. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING that says “email this to all your friends” is the key phrase that trips the alarm in my brain that screams “JUNK” and “NUISANCE” and “DELETE IMMEDIATELY, do NOT forward”. These pesty, disk-wasting emails find a way to prey on our emotions. Some are so low as to plead your help to find a missing child. (Google “Penny Brown” to see what I mean. I personally received a copy of this chain email from a relative.) I hate them all.

    WRT your self assured attitude being your personal babe-magnet… Yes, the aura you give off is VERY important, but I will also tell you that chicks dig musicians. The funniest looking guy can be EXTREMELY appealing if he’s playing a guitar and singing to a woman. I don’t know why, but I know it’s true. So, it’s no wonder that you were fighting them off with a stick.

  6. Please see show # 6 http://www.cushrocks.com/tis/?p=11

    Without question attitude = forgiveness.

    A girl at the studio where I’ve been working just arrived from Connecticut, where I’m sure she was a 9. In L.A., she’d be a 4 if it weren’t for her attitude, which miraculously shaves an inch or two off her ass and makes her a 6 or 7.

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