#34 – Advice For The Lovelorn & Stupid

30:00 – Mature words for mature minds.

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This Week’s Show
00:32 Rain – Adama – Also at iTunes
04:24 The Greatest Anti-Anti Challenge Yet.
07:32 Cush – a Catholic?
10:25 Hold Onto Your Power.
11:24 Toxic – The Chapin Sisters
14:16 Damn, I’m a Cliche.
17:27 A Big Fat I Told You So (Marrying Young Redux).
20:00 My Advice On the Seven Year Itch.
26:45 Wishing All These Old Things Were New – Merle Haggard – Also at iTunes

This week’s music picks.

10 thoughts on “#34 – Advice For The Lovelorn & Stupid”

  1. Just an additional suggestion to “Confused”… Wear a condom when you’re screwing your brains out. After all, we don’t want your wife to get hurt. She may forgive infidelity (or not) but STD is a truly unforgivable thing and another child in the picture would make things exponentially more difficult.

    Or you can just be selfish.

  2. Hey Cush,
    great show & great advice!
    More advice for next week: after waiting until you are at least 30, live with someone for a LONG time before you marry them.
    You being a cliche? no, not if it’s because you want to do it.
    Now a screenplay? Great, one more thing for us talentless fucks to be jealous of!
    Hey, do you need a middle aged guy from Milwaukee as an extra? Maybe I could lean on a fire hydrant or something?

  3. If you have a couple spare hours (and who does), pick up the March 9, 2006 issue of Rolling Stone (Shawn White cover). They have an extremely thorough article on just how crazy Scientology is.

  4. About that last part. You might want to do a show on if you’re going to cheat, remember a few things:

    1 The less people know the less chance for it to get out

    2 Even a best friend can be a big mouth to the wrong people

    3. Do NOT get with someone who developes feelings and may take advantage of the situation by informing spouce in an attempt to destroy the relationship with hope that you will come stay with her.

    4. (Your advise) DON’T FALL IN LOVE

  5. Liam,

    Why does the tone of your post sound like wisdom gained from personal experience?


    The only thing better than Casey Kasem would be you doing your impersonation of Casey Kasem.


  6. another outstanding show, cush. but i’m confused: you live in LA (‘the hills’, no less), you drive a beemer and you are in the biz. i should hate you but i don’t. please explain…

    loved the hag track at the end! my dad used to listen to country when i was growing up (late 60s/70s) and i didn’t know the man still had it in him.

    meanwhile i’m still slogging it out in NYC. if you need any creative/design for marketing your film (or anything else) give me a shout.

  7. Isn’t it cliche being referred to by a single name or symbol? Just had to point out the obvious. .

    Good show! I personally had a starter marriage and took some good things from it then partied my brains out for a couple of years before I got into another relationship. Still tame stuff by your standards but it worked for me.


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