#33 – The Name Dropper Returns

30:00 – Mature words for mature minds.

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This Week’s Show
  • Valerie Bertinelli – Sweeheart!
  • Dennis Leary – Little Prick.
  • An Anti-Anti Guy primer.
  • Be careful what you put out in the world.
  • A Cush mea culpa.
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8 thoughts on “#33 – The Name Dropper Returns”

  1. Cush,

    Great show, as usual. I’ve been dealing with that parking issue for years. I park way out in the hinterland, no one else is out there, and when I come back to my car I’m surrounded by other vehicles. But still no one else is near the now group of cars surrounding me…….

    I feel your pain, man…..



  2. Hey Cush,
    Another great show!
    I never took any offense, I’m sure it was good natured shit that you gave me! Everyone in entitled to their opinion right? Truthfully, my love of cars has always been about the beauty of aesthetic and the appreciation of engineering. It’s like music, it’s how it makes you feel, not about the other guy.
    After all, I might as well love what I drive every day in our 6 MONTHS OF WINTER!
    All the best,

  3. Couple things –

    1) I played your BMW comments to my wife the day before she left to pitch some ads to their HQ in NJ. Strange timing.

    2) You are my hero (re: Leary, among other things)

    3) I must have that Peal song for my (soon to be failed) TV pilot, “Everybody is Fairly Luke Warm About What’s-His-Name.” If only…

    Rock on. See you at ArtWalk.

    – dK

  4. Without a doubt:
    • being critical is way too easy
    • hot mannequins turn me on too (I attribute it to an over-active imagination, thank you very much)
    • denis leary is a prick (flip the “d” upside down for proof)
    • BMW = world-class automobile (Audi too if you’re in the $25K-35K entry-level range)
    • Upsales suck (as experienced with Ford, Mazda, Subaru, Toyota, and Honda… most likely dealership-related policy)
    • Cushrocks — yes indeed it does

    I’m relieved to know that Valerie B. is as pure in person as she is in my contrived estimation.

  5. I’m catching up on your last few shows and so just heard this one.
    Coupla things:

    1. Damn! Has Valerie even aged a day since One Day at a Time? She looks like she’s in her 20’s!

    2. Loved that song by Peal. Gonna go buy it now!

    On to the next show…


  6. You are a lucky, lucky man. In high school, while everyone else had their Farrah swimsuit posters, I had this poster of Valerie where she was wearing this pretty white blouse sitting in what appeared to be a park with that beautiful smile. The poster was on the back of my door which was closed only twice a day when I got ready for school and ready for bed. We didn’t have much time together, but it was enough, man… that was enough. :)

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