Show #24 – It’s Only Words

No cussin’ on this one, but there are provocative concepts.

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This Week’s Show
00:33 Apologies for your holiday season.
01:13 Save the nutjobs some humiliation.
01:49 Moral superiority.
02:51 The rules for listening to this show.
07:14 Jack, the casual listener.
08:12 Niggler satire.
15:00 Internet aggression.
16:25 A personal history of violence.
25:50 It’s just talk.
27:00 Words – The Bee Gees

This week’s Music Recommendations

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9 thoughts on “Show #24 – It’s Only Words”

  1. Side by Side is a very entertaining feature (with Green Day as a multiple offender.) However, it does show one of my biggest fears in my attempts at songwriting: I think I’m being inspired by some supernatural force, I release my treasured creation to the world, and then some jerk says, “Hey, isn’t that the song from Family Ties?” Keep it up, Cush.

  2. Cush,

    Maybe Green Day is paying homage to songs that influenced them!

    Great piece through and YES, I didn’t see West Side Story coming….. Good catch!

    Keep up the great work on your shows…. Some of us out here do get it……. We’re not all “Jack”!


  3. Another fine show that had me laughing out loud in my office… Nigglers lovers indeed. But what WAS that shiny thing over there???

    I was laughing at Jack’s lame attempts at baiting and trolling in the comment section a few shows back. Each additional post he added made it funnier and funnier. But the most beautiful part was that nobody took the bait and flamed back. No one thought he was worth the effort. (Personally I though Jack was just trying to get a little free publicity for his own podcast.)

    Satire. If you have to explain it, they probably won’t get it.


  4. Cush,
    I’ve been enjoying your show for months now, and get a real kick out of side by side. I did get Bowie and Bryan Adams a hair before you played them, but you stumped me on West Side Story. By the way, Chita Rivera continues to kick ass in her biography show on B’way as we speak. She’s in her 70s and I wish I had her body now.

  5. I just begun listening to your show, having heard only two, this and the one before, and I can say I enjoy it enough to keep listening.
    But in the last show you whined a bit too much, I see that it’s annoying when people don’t get your sarcasm, but that’s something I think you have to accept on internet.

    Don’t get defensive, keep it up!

  6. Cush –

    Greetings from back home. Listen to your show in Oak Creek, WI. Love the show, blah blah, goes without saying, really. Enjoyed the Side-by-side… Wanted to show you a similar video, just in case you missed it. ( Mashup of Oasis – Wonderwall and Green Day – boulevard of Broken Dreams. Who has the time for this, I do not know.

    Happy Holidays, my friend. See ya next year.

  7. Hey Cush

    Love the show, blah blah blah.

    Quite a set of side by sides this episode. I’m more of a spectator on the Side by Sides. Don’t know enough music to anticipate the next ones. I’ve seen an act on TV that was act at the Montreal Comedy Festival. Two women demonstrate by singing that “Not that Innocent” and some other (also Britney?) song I can’t recall at the moment are interchangeable.

    Shiny thing? WHERE!?

    I LOVE shiny things. Can’t see anything that WAS behind me and is shiny. Or is it behind me now that I’ve turned around?

    Is it bigger than a bread box? Is it the bread box? (my mom did have one…and it WAS shiny).

    Argh. Oh well, I’ll make myself a note and look for it later. Hey, this pen is *kinda* shiny…

    . —

    . —

    What was I saying?

    You’re a musician and a smart fella, so I’m sure this has occurred to you, but…

    Much of popular music relies largely on 4 chords. Even with all the other notes, different patterns, instruments and beats, etc. that are also used, it’s a finite set. Repetition is inevitable.

    Spider Robinson, science fiction writer and blues musician, wrote a short story that addresses this. It’s called Melancholy Elephants. You may have heard of his “Callahan’s Cross-time Saloon” series. Very “personist”. I think you’d like them (even if you’re not into most sf).

    Re monetizing your cast: go for it. I’m not one of those “it should all be free / do it for love” purists. More in favour (that’s how we spell it in Canada) of ads than pay for dl. Was enjoying the Pill but, as even Dan said, your show’s better. So not paying for any right now. There are a few I might pay for, KATG in particular.

    Keep it up.

    Ciao for niao,


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