Show #23 – Embarrassing Family

For mature ears only.

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This Week’s Show
00:13 Undone – Three Man available at Undone
03:46 Get Things I Say on your cell phone at Mobilcast
04:13 Veterans Day dedication.
05:31 What a great time to be alive!
06:14 Everybody’s got embarrassing family. Mine’s in the south.
08:00 Inappropriate behavior. Is he kidding?
08:49 Insulting hot Armenian girls.
09:14 Aunt Y and Uncle Nutty.
10:25 Aunt Y? Aunt Y-Not!
11:36 Oakey and Peavine.
12:26 Peavine invades Normandy.
16:11 Oakey meets the Nazis.
19:13 Peavine, the enigmatic.
22:17 Peavine comes a knockin’.
23:32 I discover my destiny.
23:50 Cattle Call – Eddy Arnold available at Eddy Arnold: The Hits
25:10 The 4th of July.
26:07 The day after Christmas.

This week’s Music

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  1. Comment by Daniel | 2005/11/23 at 14:22:04

    This one is fucking brilliant :)

  2. Comment by patinhisrightmind | 2005/11/27 at 14:06:17

    Is a hand job the same as sex? If yer a Republican it is…

  3. Comment by Beffer | 2005/12/01 at 11:18:47

    DK is right. It IS fucking brilliant. This has got to be your best show yet.

  4. Comment by WierdWorld2007 | 2008/02/28 at 19:29:48

    Man your family is like mine…only My Aunt Mildred took me when I was 7 to my first horse track and she took my oldest son when he was a year old to the same place….

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