Show #22 – Dawn and Drew were here.

Pretty clean.

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This Week’s Show
00:00 Undone – Three Man available at
00:40 Revive – Steadman available at

05:18 The Portable Media/Podcasters Expo
05:36 The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd
07:59 Podchick storms the stage.
08:57 The delightful Rin Invincible invites herself onto my show.
11:36 The Dawn and Drew interview.
24:11 But why are they on my show?
00:00 Be Here – Fisher available at OtherWorld Distractions

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This week’s Music

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  1. Comment by Beffer | 2005/11/16 at 11:36:08

    I found the interviews kind of boring, I’m not a D&D fan… BUT! Your observations on the interviews at the end made it all worthwhile.


  2. Comment by Administrator | 2005/11/16 at 11:59:39

    Yeah, that was kind of my point when I said the interview was not “inspired.” I really need to hone those skills.

    I don’t listen to every D&D show, but I was sincere in my comments. They have demonstrated to me that they are stand up people.


  3. Comment by Nicole | 2005/11/19 at 22:35:00

    Very touching thoughts at the end of the show. It really puts things in perspective doesn’t it? When things are all said and done, friends are the thing that really matters.

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