Show #6 – Cush:Shoe Whore

A few cuss words, some sexuality discussed, nothing graphic.

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This Week’s Show
:33 Una notte a napoli Pink Martini
5:12 103 Hours of King Leopold’s Ghost.
7:35 Things to do with a dead hippopotamus.
8:46 Omnisexuality.
11:52 God Is Gay Samba Hell now The Migs
14:36 Hard-wired animal instinct.
16:23 Cush: Shoe whore.
19:33 Close quarters.
21:58 The great vagina famine of ’89.
23:20 A chemical imbalance based on flirtation.
27:05 UGLY GIRL Peal

This week’s music.

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2 thoughts on “Show #6 – Cush:Shoe Whore”

  1. Hi, just been listening to show # 6,
    Good show, and I really liked the last tune you played – but I can’t find any links to that band anywhere?
    Why is that – that’s podsafe music, right?

    Can you provide a link?

    Good job


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