#90 Rejection

30:00 – Mature words for mature minds.

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Today’s show:

1 I’m sporatic. Deal.
2 I take my new direction seriously.
3 A Year Of Living Stupidly strikes back.
4 The Pitch Fest
5 Unquiet Nights – Burning The Tracks
6 Rejection.
7 Fisher – Jimmy

This Week’s Cultural Picks

One thought on “#90 Rejection”

  1. I’m a sporadic listener since 2005. Well, actually, I’ve been a regular listener since 2005. Believe it or not, I am one of THE original podcast listeners since the advent of podcasts. Just ask Michael Butler, the Rock and Roll Geek. I still look for your new episodes and much enjoy listening to your stories and your rantings, Cush. Best wishes for a happy, stimulating and successful 2011! … (if you can make it relatively sanely through the rest of 2010 )

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